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A Scottish Climber's View

Some images from 25 years of

walking and climbing in Scotland


Stones on Stob Coire nan Lochan - Glencoe Winter


Welcome to a small collection of images from walking and climbing in the Scottish mountains.


It is a true reflection of my skills as a mountain photographer that after more than 25 years of activity in the Scottish mountains I have barely a couple of dozen images worth showing off - and even some (most) of those are of questionable quality. But then relatively few persistent Scottish hill-goers do it for the photography so I'm probably not alone with this hit rate.


The internet is awash with pristine, high quality stock photos of spectacular mountains and I can't compete with those shots of scenery. The images that tend to attract my interest though are those that attempt to reflect a little more of the complexity of mountain conditions and hint at what it feels like to be in amongst these wild places - this does touch on the motivation of hill-goers everywhere. The photos on the site are those from my shoebox that maybe do this a bit. Most are mine, a handful were taken by companions on our trips out and I've credited those accordingly. They are in no particular chronological or format order but are loosely grouped as shown in the menu on the left. Some go back a fair bit in time (a much younger me appears occasionally) and the format varies from digital, scanned negatives and slides, old scanned prints and even mobile phone.


It is a pity there are so few, but perhaps it is difficult to get evocative shots in the hills when the sun isn't shining and the sky isn't blue - or perhaps I'm just no good at it! If you know of web sites where others have done better please email me and I'll add them to the links page.



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