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A Scottish Climber's View

Some images from 25 years of

walking and climbing in Scotland

Wild and Windy


Alladin's Couloir - Cairngorm

Stormy Cruach Ardrain at Christmas

Stormy Stob Coire nan Lochan - Glencoe

Clear but Cold on Beinn a Chreachain

Windy on Stob Binnein in Late Winter


Clear but Cold on Beinn a Chreachain

Clear but Cold on Beinn a Chreachain  - Winter

Clear conditions but with the wind starting to get up and clouds gathering. This was some time ago now and is memorable as one of my first solo outings into the Scottish mountains in winter. I remember walking a long way to find a route I felt was safe to come down. Beautiful hard conditions underfoot however.


2008, Ian Hopper. All rights reserved.

I make no claim to technical excellence for any these images, many were snatched in a hurry or taken on mobile phones and others scanned from old negatives or prints. They are here because they remind me of many great days in the mountains and in the hope they might tempt others to get out and spend some time in Scotland's fine wild places.