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A Scottish Climber's View

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walking and climbing in Scotland

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Ptarmigan on Ben More Assynt - Wester Ross

Lower reaches of Uisge Labhair - Corrour Forest



Ptarmigan on Ben More Assynt - Wester Ross

Ptarmigan on Ben More Assynt - July

In winter their plumage matches the snow, in summer it matches the rocks. Ptarmigans are often to be seen on the Scottish tops although getting close to one with a camera in my hand is unusual for me.


2008, Ian Hopper. All rights reserved.

I make no claim to technical excellence for any these images, many were snatched in a hurry or taken on mobile phones and others scanned from old negatives or prints. They are here because they remind me of many great days in the mountains and in the hope they might tempt others to get out and spend some time in Scotland's fine wild places.